Speed of Falling Object Calculator

When an object falls from a distance, the speed of falling object increases, since it is pulled by gravitational force of earth. The object undergo two kinds of forces they are, gravitational force and aerodynamic force. The total time taken by the object to reach earth is measured and entered in the speed of falling object calculator. The speed of the falling object is calculated using the free fall speed calculator by the time and gravitational constant entered.

Free Fall Speed Calculator

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s = g×t Where, s = Speed g = Gravitational constant t = Time


A ball released in air where the gravitational force is 9.8 m/s and the time taken for the object to reach ground is 15 seconds. Find the Speed of Falling Object.


Free Fall Speed = gravitational force x time taken
Speed = 9.81x15 sec
Thus the resultant Speed = 147.15 m/s

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