Newton Second Law of Motion Calculator

Newton's Second Law states that the acceleration of an object produced by net force is directly proportional to magnitude of the net force in the same direction and inversely proportional to the mass of the object. The Newton's 2nd law of motion explains the behavior of the object when an external force is applied. Use newton second law of motion calculator to calculate mass, acceleration, Net force. Enter the values in the Newton's 2nd law calculator and hit calculate to find the results.

Newton's 2nd Law Calculator | Calculate Mass, Acceleration, Net Force

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Newton's Second Law of Motion Formulae:

Net Force:



where, Fnet = Net Force m = Mass a = Acceleration.

Everyone knows that the heavier object requires more force than the lighter objects which is the newton's 2nd law of motion. Newton's 2nd law is used in the field of Rocket Science.


Calculate the force exhibited by an object whose mass = 50Kg and acceleration = 7m/s2


Force = Mass × Acceleration
= 50 × 7
= 350N

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