Mass with Velocity Calculator

Mass is the fundamental property of any physical body or object. It is defined as the quantity of matter in body or object. Mass of Earth is 5.972 x 10^24 kilograms whereas, mass of Moon is 7.34767309 x 10^22 kilograms. Mass can be calculated using various formulas based on the given and known values. The general formula to calculate mass when given velocity is 2K / V2. This online mass with velocity calculator will help you to calculate mass with velocity and kinetic energy.

Calculate Mass when given Velocity

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Mass = (2 x K.E) / V2 Where, K.E = Kinetic Energy V = Velocity


What is the mass of an object with velocity is 8 m/s and whose K.E is 12 J.


Mass = (2 x K.E) / V2
= (2 x 12) / 82
= 24 / 64
= 0.375 kg

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