Luminous Intensity Calculator

An interesting online luminous intensity calculator to calculate the amount of light (brightness). This is called the luminous intensity or the light intensity. It is defined as a measure of the light emitted from a light source in a certain direction. Light Intensity measurement is given by, I = Luminous Flux (Φ) / Spatial Angle (Ω) and is measured by Photometry. The standard unit of measurement of the intensity of a light source is candela (cd).

Light Intensity Measurement

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I = Φ/Ω Where, I = Luminous Intensity Φ = Luminous Flux Ω = Spatial Angle


Calculate the luminous intensity of a light source with luminous flux (Φ) as 15 lm and spatial angle (Ω) as 12 steradian.
Measurement of the intensity of a light source = 15 / 12
= 1.25 cd.

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