Learn How to Calculate Wien's Displacement Law - Tutorial

How to Calculate Wien's Displacement Law - Tutorial, Formula, Graph, Example

This tutorial explains you how to calculate blackbody peak wavelength and temperature using wien's displacement law.

Wien's Displacement Law Graph:

Wiens displacement Law Graph
λ = b / T

λ = Peak Wavelength b = 0.028977 mK (Wien's constant) T = Temperature


What wavelength (in nanometers) is the peak intensity of the light coming from a star whose surface temperature is 11,000 Kelvin?


temperature = 11,000 Kelvin.

To Find,

Wavelength ( λ)

Solution :

Let us find the value of Wavelength. Substitute the values in the formula,

Wavelength (λ) = b / T
= 0.028977 mK / 11000 (b = 0.028977 mK)
= 0.000000263 * 1,000,000,000
= 263 nm.

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