Learn How to calculate Concave Mirror Equation - Tutorial

How to calculate Concave Mirror Equation - Definition, Example, and Formula

Definition: The mirror equation states the quantitative correlation among the object distance (do), the image distance (di), and the focal length (f). Formula: Mirror equation Where, f - Focal length, di - Image distance, d0 - Object distance. Example: A 4.0-cm tall light bulb is placed a distance of 35.5 cm from a concave mirror having a focal length of -12.2 cm. Determine the image distance and the image size. Given, h 0 = 4.0 cm d 0 = 35.5 cm f = -12.2 cm To Find, Image distance (di) Solution: Substitute the values in the formula. 1/f = 1/d0 + 1/di 1/(-12.2 cm) = 1/(35.5 cm) + 1/di -0.0820 cm-1 = 0.0282 cm-1 + 1/di -0.110 cm-1 = 1/di image distance (di) = -9.08 cm
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Learn how to calculate Mirror equation in this tutorial, given with the definition, formula and example.

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