Learn How to Calculate Laser Pulse Time Duration - Definition, Example, Formula

How to Calculate Laser Pulse Time Duration - Example, Formula


Laser is a type of electronic device that is built based on the quantum principle which creates a beam of single color photons with the same frequency and phase. This tutorial explains how to calculate the laser pulse time duration.


Time = (2 x d) / s
d = Distance from earth to moon (approximately 384403 km) s = Speed of laser pulse

Example :

The average distance between the moon's surface and the earth's surface is 384403 kilometers (km). Light travels at a speed roughly 3 x 108 meters/second (m/s). How long does it take for a laser pulse to reach the Moon and to bounce back to the Earth?


Distance (d) = 384403km
Speed (s) = 3 x 108 m/s = 300000000

To Find,



Substitute the values in the formula,

Time = (2 x d) / s
  = (2 x 384403 x 103) / 300000000
  = 768806 x 103 / 300000000
  = 768806000 / 300000000
  = 2.56 seconds

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