Learn How to Calculate the Acceleration due to Gravity of outside Earth - Tutorial

Calculate Acceleration Due to Gravity on Outside Earth - Tutorial with Definition, Formula Example


Earth attracts the object which lies near to its exterior surface using its gravitational attraction. There exists a direct relation between the objects surrounding the surface of earth and the gravitational acceleration.

g' = ( re2 / r2) * g

g - denotes the Earth's surface r - denotes the Outside Radius of Earth re - denotes the Earth Radius g'- denotes the acceleration due to gravity


Consider that acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface (g) as 10, radius of the Earth (re) as 12 and the radius outside the earth (r) as 10. How to compute the acceleration due to gravity?


Earth's surface (g) = 10 Earth's radius (re) = 12 Outside Radius of Earth (r) = 10

To find,

Acceleration due to gravity of outside Earth


Let us calculate the value of acceleration due to gravity. Substitute the values in the formula, g' = ( re2 / r2) * g. g' = (12 / 10) x 10 g' = (144/100) x 10) = 12 g' = 1.44 x 10 g' = 14.4

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