Centripetal Force Calculator

A force that makes a body follow a curved path is Centripetal Force. Isaac Newton described as 'a force by which bodies are drawn towards a point as to a centre'. It is directed at right angles to the motion, also along the radius towards the centre of the circular path. Just select the box whether you want to calculate Centripetal Force or Velocity or Radius or Mass for circular motion in the Centripetal Force Calculator and enter the values in required fields.

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F=mv2/r r=mv2/F v=√(Fr/m) m=Fr/v2 Where, F=Force m= Mass r= Circular Radius v= Velocity


Calculate centripetal force with mass, radius and velocity values as 25kg, 8 m and 12 m/s.
f = 25 x 122 / 8
= 450 N

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