Adding Decibels Calculator

Sound or noise power is the rate at which sound energy is emitted, reflected, transmitted or received per unit time. The sound power is measured in terms of watt (W). This Adding Decibels Calculator allows to add Sound, Noise Power Levels and determine the total decibel level. This sound power level is used to specify the noise emitted from fans, pumps or any other machines. Get the total sound power level from the number of sources, sound power and reference noise power.

Add Sound, Noise Power Levels

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Total Sound Power Level = 10 x log(n x s / r) Where, n = Number of Sources s = Sound Power r = Reference Sound Power


Adding Decibels

What would be the total noise power level for 8 sound sources with power of 52 W, and reference sound power of 45 W?
Total Sound or Noise Power Level = 10 x log(8 x 52 / 45)
= 9.6588

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