Rotational Velocity of Star using Distance Calculator

Online calculator to calculate rotational velocity of star using distance. The rate of rotation in star can be measured from the spectrum of the star. Due to the centrifugal force, the rotation of a star produces an equatorial bulge. Stars undergo differential rotation as they are not solid bodies. Enter the distance of star from center of the galaxy in this online rotational velocity of star using distance calculator and click calculate to get the result.

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V = (350 × (x/10000))/(1 + (x/10000)2)(3/4) Where, V = Rotational Velocity X = Distance of Star from Center of the Galaxy


Calculate the rotational velocity of star using distance of about 5 light years.


V = (350 × (5/10000))/(1 + (5/10000)2)(3/4)
= 0.175 km/s.

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