Water Footprint Calculator

Human beings use lot of water for drinking, eating and cooking purposes. Water footprint is the measure the average amount of total volume of freshwater which is used to produce goods and services we use, like for making clothing, cars or computers. It helps to find the water consumed by a country, community, group of consumers or even the individuals. Use this online water footprint calculator to make a rough estimation of daily water consumption by human for personal needs.

Human Daily Water Consumption for Personal Needs


When your house was built?
Minutes to shower
Baths instead of showers/Week
Do you flush when you pee?
Kind of Washing /machine
Does your household use a dishwasher?


Do you have a greywater system in Home.?
Do you have a rain barrel system in Home.?
Do you have a car.?

Car Wash

How do you wash car.?


Do you recycle papers?
Do you recycle plastic.?
Do you recycle bottles and cans.?


Beef Servings Weekly
Poultry Servings Weekly
Pork Servings Weekly
Milk Cup Daily
Coffee Cup Daily


Average fuel efficiency of car in m.p.g
Miles/Year miles
Short airline trip/Year(0-1,000 miles)
Medium airline trip/Year(1,001-6,000 miles)
Long airline trip/Year(6,001-20,000 miles)
Daily Water consumption by human for personal needs gallons
Water consumed for diet gallons
Water consumed for transportation gallons
Water consumed for Outdoor & Recycle gallons
Total Water Consumed gallons

Note : This calculation is based on the above factors only. The consumption of water may vary if more factors are added.

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Calculation of water footprint/consumption by human for his/her daily personal needs is made easier using this online calculator.

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