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Tips is given to a person for his / her service, if his / her service is acceptable or satisfying. For instance, waiters serve us in restaurants. We can provide an additional amount for their service along with the bill amount. You may get confused on how much to pay as a tip to the servers. This calculator is an online tool that's helps you calculate the tip amount you can pay.

How much to Tip


Total Tips
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PercentageTips Amount
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Total Tips = Bill Amount * Tip Percent Bill Total Amount = Bill Amount * (1 + Tip Percent) Amount per Each Person = Bill Total Amount / Number of Person
ServicesTypical Tip
Restaurants, Bartenders15% to 20%
Food Transporter15% to 20% based on the total cost, distance etc
Hotel Room ServiceThe charge is included with the price amount. If not, 15% to 20%
Hair Dresser, Beautician, Nail Technician10% to 20%
Massage10% to 20%
Cab, Luxury Vehicle 15% to 20%
Parking Attendant, Shuttle Drivers $1 to $3
Tourist Guide$1 to $5 depending on the length of the tour


Tips Calculation

Consider, you and 2 of your friends are travelling in a car and need to pay a tip amount to a taxi driver. If his service is slow, choose 10%, normal 15 %, perfect then 20%. The bill amount you need to pay is Rs.500, his service is normal and so 15 %.

The Tip Amount you need to pay is 500 * 15/100 = Rs. 75. Total Bill is 500 + 75 = Rs.575 and Amount per Person is 575 / 3 = 191.67

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