Sundial Angle Calculator

This sundial angle calculator helps you to find the gnomon angle. Sundial is a device used to know the time of a day with the apparent position of the sun in the sky. It has a flat dial and a gnomon, which casts the shadow over the dial. As per the sun's position, the gnomon aligns with different sundial hour lines. It uses the edge of a shadow to indicate the time. Enter latitude and sundial time in the horizontal sundial shadow angle calculator to know the sundial angle.

Horizontal Sundial Shadow Angle Calculator | Sundial Hour Line Calculator

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Sundial Angle = tan-1(sin(l)×tan(15×t)) Where, l = Latitude t = Hours


Find the Horizontal sundial shadow angle if the latitude of your region is 53o for 4 :00 PM.


Sundial Hour Line = tan-1(sin(53)×tan(15×4))
= 54.136°

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