Horse Age in Human Years Chart

Horses mature soon than human beings do. Also, they are more likely to die due to disease attack than of old age. A human infant needs over a year to learn to walk, but a horse can walk within an hour after its birth. Using this horse age in human years chart you can compare your human years with horse years and the horse years with the human years. You can also download this comparing horse to human age chart for free as the image or as PDF file.

Horse real age Human age
1 3
2 6
3 9
4 12
5 15
6 18
7 21
8 24
9 27
10 30
11 33
12 36
13 39
14 42
15 45
16 48
17 51
18 54
19 57
20 60

A horse can live for about 40 years. But veterinarians have formulated a correlation table to represent the horse age in equivalent human age. As per this Horse age in human years conversion chart, you can multiply horse's age by 3 to get its equivalent in human age. Use this interesting chart and get excited with the answers to your question 'How old is your Horse in Human Years'.

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