Holi Colour Powder Calculator

Festivals often serve to fulfill specific communal purposes. We use color powder mostly in the festival Holi. How much color powder do we need for party and festival event? Use the below holi colour powder calculator to find party & festival powder bags from the number of participants in holi and number of holi party bags per person. Multiplication of number of participants and number of holi party bags per person gives you the total count of holi party bags.

Find Party & Festival Powder Bags

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Total Number of Party & Festival Powder Bags = n × p Where, n = Number of Participants in Holi p = Number of Holi Party Bags Per Person


Find the total number of holi party bags for 300 members having 150 holi party bags.


Holi Colour Powder Party Bags = 300 x 150
= 45000

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