Erepublik Training Cost Calculator

Erepublik is a multiplayer online game developed by eRepublik labs in 2008. It is a game that allows users to rule a country, be an entrepreneur. My land is one of the module in the game. The citizens can build various types of buildings using local currency or gold. These buildings can in turn be used by the citizens once in a day to produce raw materials, store materials and gain energy from it.

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Daily Strength Gain = Weight Gained + Climbing Center + Shooting Range + Special Forces Center Super Soldier medal = 250 / Daily Strength Gain cost = cc + sr + spf Monthly Cost = (30*(Daily Strength Gain / (250*5)) - (30*cost)) Daily Cost = Monthly Cost / 30 cc = 0 (For Climbing Center is None) cc = 0.19 (For Climbing Center is Type1,Type2,Type3,Type4) sr = 0 (For Shooting Range is None) sr = 0.89 (For Shooting Range is Type1,Type2,Type3,Type4) spf = 0 (For Special Forces Center is None) spf = 0.179 (For Special Forces Center is Type1,Type2,Type3,Type4)

This online eRepublik training cost calculator can be used to find the various benefits like weights gained, climbing center, shooting range, special force center, daily strength, monthly and daily cost.

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