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The Hiroshima equivalent has been pegged at exactly 15 kilotons of TNT, 1 which is itself defined as being equivalent to 62.76 terajoules, or 15 Tera calories. Here is an online Earthquake Equivalent to Hiroshima atomic bombs calculator which helps you to compare the earthquake energy to the Hiroshima atomic bombings level. Enter the magnitude of the earthquake and the tool will compare the value and tell you its equivalent energy of Hiroshima atomic bombs.

Earthquake Equivalent To Hiroshima Atomic Bombs

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Energy = 10 4.8 Energy Released = (10 (1.5 x Magnitude)) x Energy H = Released Energy / (6.27x1013)


An earthquake has been recorded with a magnitude of 8 Ritcher scale. Find the earthquake energy equivalent to Hiroshima Atomic Bombings
Energy =104.8
Energy Released = 10(1.5 x 8) x 63095.734448
=1012 x 63095.734448
Hiroshima Equivalent = 6.30957x1016/(6.27x1013)

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