Earthquake Energy Calculator

Find the TNT Tonnage / power equivalent to the Earthquake magnitude using this online calculator. Richter magnitude is a scale used to measure the effects and destructive power of an earthquake. It can be used to measure the energy released by a quake. An increase of one unit in the richter scale causes an approximate of 30-fold increase in the total energy. This online richter scale to ton Converter is used for Earthquake power calculation in TNT Ton Equivalent.

Earthquake Power Calculation in TNT Ton Equivalent

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Energy = 104.8 j = (101.5 x r ) x e Eq = j / 4184000000 Where, j = Energy Released in Joules Eq = Tons of TNT r = Richter Scale

Earthquake releases energy in several forms : Seismic wave, in the form of heat, gravitational potential and elastic potential energy. But only the seismic wave energy is measurable which causes the ground or earth to shake. The increase in the richter scale affects the power of an earthquake.

Earthquake Power Calculation in TNT Ton Equivalent Example

An earthquake has been recorded a magnitude of 6.5 in the richter scale. Find the energy release and convert the richter scale to tons of TNT.

Power in Joules = (101.5 x 6.5 ) x 104.8
        = 3.548134e+14
In Tons of TNT = 3.548134e14 / 4184000000
        = 8.480244e+4
Therefore, the energy released is 3.548134e+14 Joules and 6.5 richter scale is equal to 8.480244e+4 tons of TNT.

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