Fabric Calculator for Curtains

The simple online curtain fabric quantity calculator to calculate curtain fabric patterns repeat for your window curtains and drapes. Window curtains are always measured as width by length, and the width is always stated first. The length is always measured from the top of the rod pocket to the bottom of the panel. In the below fabric calculator for curtains pattern repeat, enter the values for cut drop, pattern repeat, number of fabric width and click calculate to know the result.

Calculate Curtain Fabric Patterns

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a = (c / p) x p f = (a x w) + p Where, a = Adjusted Cut Drop c = Cut Drop p = Pattern Repeat w = Number of Fabric Width f = Required Fabric Quantity


Calculate curtain fabric patterns repeat for cut drop as 12 cm, pattern repeat as 25 cm and number of fabric width as 8.


Adjusted Cut Drop = (12 / 25) x 25
=0.48 × 25
Round up 0.48 to 1
=1 × 25
= 25 cm
Required Fabric Quantity = (25 x 8) + 25
= 225 cm

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