Attendance Percentage Calculator

Attendance percentage is defined as the percentage of daily attendance you had given for the academic year. It is calculated in schools and colleges to estimate the students attendance for the class at the end of every academic year to grade them. Attendance is always calculated as at 'today's date. Your daily attendance percentage would affect you in your grading system. Use this simple online calculator to calculate your class's daily attendance percentage with the required parameters.

Daily Attendance Percentage Calculator

Daily Absent Attending Percentage Absent Percentage
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Number of Members Absent Daily = Total Strength - Attendance Strength
Attending Percentage= Attendance Strength
Total Strength
x 100
Absent Percentage =100 - Attending Percentage


A class contains 50 students. On a day, the attendanace strength of the class was 42. Find the daily attendance percentage.


Number of Members Absent Daily = 50 - 42
= 8
Attending Percentage = (42 / 50) x 100
= 84 %
Absent Percentage = 100 - 84
= 16 %

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