US Army Height And Weight Standards Female

Soldiers who are willing to join the United states Army are required to maintain their height, weight of their body as per the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) standards. Below given is the US army height and weight standards for female. This chart helps United States solider to find the eligible height & weight to pass the army physical fitness test. The minimum and maximum height & weight standards are the general guidelines for an average army soldier.

Height (in) Min Weight17-20 (Age) Max Weight21-27 (Age) Max Weight28-39 (Age) Max Weight40+ (Age) Max Weight
58″91 lbs119 lbs121 lbs122 lbs124 lbs
59″94 lbs124 lbs125 lbs126 lbs128 lbs
60″97 lbs128 lbs129 lbs131 lbs133 lbs
61″100 lbs132 lbs134 lbs135 lbs137 lbs
62″104 lbs136 lbs138 lbs140 lbs142 lbs
63″107 lbs141 lbs143 lbs144 lbs146 lbs
64″110 lbs145 lbs147 lbs149 lbs151 lbs
65″114 lbs150 lbs152 lbs154 lbs156 lbs
66″117 lbs155 lbs156 lbs158 lbs161 lbs
67″121 lbs159 lbs161 lbs163 lbs166 lbs
68″125 lbs164 lbs166 lbs168 lbs171 lbs
69″128 lbs169 lbs171 lbs173 lbs176 lbs
70″132 lbs174 lbs176 lbs178 lbs181 lbs
71″136 lbs179 lbs181 lbs183 lbs186 lbs
72″140 lbs184 lbs186 lbs188 lbs191 lbs
73″144 lbs189 lbs191 lbs194 lbs197 lbs
74″148 lbs194 lbs197 lbs199 lbs202 lbs
75″152 lbs200 lbs202 lbs204 lbs208 lbs
76″156 lbs205 lbs207 lbs210 lbs213 lbs
77″160 lbs210 lbs213 lbs215 lbs219 lbs
78″164 lbs216 lbs218 lbs221 lbs225 lbs
79″168 lbs221 lbs224 lbs227 lbs230 lbs
80″173 lbs227 lbs230 lbs233 lbs236 lbs

US Army Height And Weight Standards for Female is different from other nations army standards. As per American Army Standards, the weight of a female solider is measured in lbs for the height ranging from 58' to 80'.

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