Adad Calculator

A number system in which the 28 arabic alphabets are given a numerical value is called as abjad numerals. These numbers are also called as adad numbers. This online abjad calculator is used to find the equivalent numerical value of the word formed by the arab letters. In arabic, the alphabets are called as Abjadiyah.

Abjad Calculator

Click on Letter / Name to Insert Alphabets (Abjadiyah)
Letter ا ب ج د ه و ز ح ط
Name alif ba jeem dal ha waw za hay toin
Letter ي ك ل م ن س ع ف ص
Nameya kaaf laam meem noon seen ayn fa saad
Letterق ر ش ت ث خ ذ ض ظ غ
Nameqaf ra sheen ta sa kha zal dhwad zoin ghayn
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The chart consists of the arab letters with its equivalent numerical value and the name of the alphabet. Click the letters one by one to find the equivalent numerical value of a word.

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