AB Testing Calculator

AB Testing is also called as Split A/B testing. It is the process of comparing two versions of webpages to determine which is performing better.

A/B Split Test on Webpages for Conversion Rate


80% chance of finding a difference

95% chance of finding a difference

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80% Number of visitors=NVT(16*[√(ECR/100)*(1-(ECR/100))/((ECR/100)*(EIC/100))]^2) Number of days= Number of visitors / ADV 95% Number of visitors=NVT(23*[√(ECR/100)*(1-(ECR/100))/((ECR/100)*(EIC/100))]^2) Number of days= Number of visitors / ADV
NVT-Number of Variations in Test ECR-Existing Conversion Rate EIC-Expected Improvement in Conversion Rate ADV-Average number of daily visitors

Webpages that gives you better conversion rate is a good choice. This AB / Split (A/B) testing calculator helps you in your SEO optimization and marketing.

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