Solve Linear Programming Problem Using Simplex Method

The online simplex method calculator to solve linear programming problem using simplex algorithm.

Linear Programming Simplex Algorithm Calculation

significant digits

Notes on formatting:
(1) Variable names must begin with letters.
(eg. p, x1, loss, z, s, t, u...)
(2) For fraction inputs, keep the variable on the right.
(eg. (1/3)x and not x/3) (3) Every variable you use must appear in the objective function, (but not necessarily in the constraints).
(eg. p = 0x + 2y + 0z )
(4) The words maximize (or minimize) and subject to must appear.
(5) Each inequality should be on its own line, as shown.
(6) No need to enter the default constraints: x >= 0, y >= 0, z >= 0 etc.

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Solve Linear Programming Simplex Algorithm easily using simplex method.

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