Matrix Minimum Method To Solve Transportation Problem

Matrix minimum method is for computing a basic feasible solution of a transportation problem, where the basic variables are chosen according to the unit cost of transportation. This least cost method to solve transportation problem is very useful because it reduces the computation and time required to determine the optimal solution. Given here is a matrix minimum method to solve transportation problem calculator to estimate the cost of transportation using the matrix minimum method or least cost method.

Least Cost Method To Solve Transportation Problem

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How To Solve A Transportation Problem Using Matrix Minimum (Least Cost) Method?
1.Identify the box having minimum unit transportation cost (cij).
2.If the minimum cost is not unique, then you are at liberty to choose any cell.
3.Choose the value of the corresponding xij as much as possible subject to the capacity and requirement constraints.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all restrictions are satisfied.

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