Bike EMI Calculator

Are you looking forward to take for a bike loan, but confused about interest payments? Then this is the right calculator for you.Here is the simple online Bike EMI calculator to get the exact Equated Monthly Instalment amount that you need to pay for your bike loan. Just enter the amount of loan, rate of interest and the term period to complete the loan payments into the two wheeler loan EMI calculator to calculate the amount of interest and the monthly payment you need to pay.

Two Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator

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Bike Emi=( P x r x (1+r)^n ) / ((1+r)^n - 1) Where, P=Loan amount r= Annual Interest rate / 1200 n=Term (Period or no.of year or months for loan repayment.)

Use this bike/two wheeler loan emi calculator to find the exact monthly EMI amount you need to pay on your loan principal amount.

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