Vital Signs Chart

The vital sign is a sign referring to the status of the vital functioning of the body. The most important vital signs are body temperature, systolic blood pressure, pulse rate, and breathing rate. The below given vital signs chart lists you with the normal vital signs value. The value of each of these vital signs varies based on age and gender. Make use of this normal vital sign chart for all ages to assess your general health, symptoms for any diseases and its recovery.

Normal Vital Signs Chart For All Ages

CategoryAges (in Years)Heart Rate (bpm)Respiratory RateSystolic Blood Pressure (mmHg)Temperature
InfancyAt Birth100-16040-607098-100
School Age Children6-1270-11080-120
Early Adulthood20-407016-20120-180
Middle Adulthood41-60
Late Adulthood61 And AboveDepends on patients physical and Health StatusDepends on patients physical and Health StatusDepends on patients physical and Health Status

The above vital signs chart are useful in detecting or monitoring medical problems. It is necessary to know the life-sustaining signs to lead a healthy life, this normal vital signs chart for all ages will guide you on it accordingly.

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