Nasal Cannula Oxygen Percentage Chart

Here is the online oxygen flow rate and FiO2 table of nasal cannula device, which is a device used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a patient in need of respiratory help. The below nasal cannula oxygen percentage chart shows the percentage of oxygen delivered against the flow rate. The Cannulae devices can only provide oxygen at low flow rates upto 5 litres per minute (L/min), delivering an oxygen concentration of 28-44%. Rates above 5 L/min can result in discomfort to the patient.

Oxygen Flow Rate and FiO2 Table

DeviceFlow Rate(L/min)%O2Delivered
Nasal Cannula124

Nasal cannula oxygen percentage chart above shows the Oxygen flow rate from 1 to 6 where 1 L/min delivers FiO2 as 28 % and 6 L/min delivers an oxygen concentration of 44%.

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