Norton Pressure Ulcer Scale Chart

A pressure ulcer is otherwise called as pressure sores or bedsores. Norton score is the most common method in assessment of risk that may develop a pressure ulcer. If the score is below or equal to 14 means then it indicates risk for bedsores. This Norton pressure ulcer scale chart provides you the Norton score. Based on 5 parameters namely physical condition, mental condition, activity, mobility, and incontinence, the Norton risk assessment score chart provides the score.

Norton Risk Assessment Score Chart

Physical conditionGood4
Very bad1
Mental conditionAlert 4
Apathetic 3
ActivityAmbulant 4
Walk with help 3
Chair bound2
Bed bound1
Mobility Full4
Slightly impaired3
Very impaired 2
IncontinenceNone 4
Usually/Urine 2
Severity Of Total Score
Above 18Low Risk
Between 18 to 14Medium Risk
Between 14 to 10High Risk
Below 10Very High Risk
Pressure Ulcer Preventive Interventions

Norton pressure ulcer scale chart shows you the Norton risk assessment score which will help you to predict your chance of risk of developing pressure ulcer and take suitable measures to prevent it.

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