Non Rebreather Mask Flow Rate Chart

Here is the non breathing mask oxygen table indicating the non rebreather mask oxygen flow rate levels for infant, child and adult, the medical conditions on which the mask is used, the benefits and disadvantages of the mask. The optimal oxygen flow rate for an infant/child using this mask would be upto 10 L/min and for an adult it would be 12-15 L/min. Refer this non rebreather mask flow rate chart and know the benefits and disadvantages of delivered oxygen flow rates.

Non Breathing Mask Oxygen Table

Non Breathing Mask Oxygen Flow Rates
Oxygen flow rate(L/min)infantchildadult
Example of medical conditionsCritically ill but adequate breathing
Benefitsincreased level of humidity to the nasal passageway
increases the patient's respiratory secretions
Disadvantagespatient feel claustrophobic.The mask must be removed for many tasks including taking medications, eating and expectorating, which makes it impractical for long term use.

Non rebreather mask flow rate chart helps to find the status of non breathing mask oxygen flow rate for infant, child and adult. A non-rebreather mask (NRB) can deliver oxygen flow rates from 10 to 15 L/min.

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