Learn How to Calculate Child Pediatric Dosage - Tutorial

Learn How to Calculate Child Pediatric Dosage Using West Nomogram Rule - Tutorial


West nomogram is a method to calculate dosage of a medicine which can be given to child based on the dosage suggested to adult. Child dosage is calculated based on Body Surface Area (BSA) of adult and child.

Child's dose = (BSA of child / 1.73 m2) x Adult dose Where, BSA - Body Surface Area
A 4 year old girl having BSA 0.63 meters square where dosage given for 30 year old man having is Adult dose 200mg. Calculate the child's dosage using west nomogram rule?
BSA of child = 0.63 m2 Adult dose = 200mg
To find,
Child's dose
Child's dose = (BSA of child / 1.73) x Adult dose
= (0.63 / 1.73) x 200
= 72.832 mg

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