Learn How to Calculate the Child dose using Clark's Rule - Tutorial

Calculate Child dose using Clark's Rule - Tutorial with Definition, Formula Example


Clark's Rule is used to evaluate the proper dosage of medicine for children aged 2-17 and this procedure is to choose the weight of the child in pounds and divide the weight by 150 lb, and then multiply the fractional result by the adult dose to find the equivalent child dosage.


Pediatric Child dose = (Weight of child / 150 lbs) x adult dose

Consider 10 year old girl / 60 Lbs with 400mg Adult dose. Calculate the child's dose.


Weight of child = 70 lbs Adult dose (SBP) = 500 mg

To find,

Child's dose


Let us calculate the value of Child's dose by substituting the values in the formula,

Pediatric Child dose(Weight of child / 150 lbs) x adult dose
(60 / 150 lbs) x 400 mg

Learn how to calculate Child's pediatric dose from this tutorial, given with the definition, formula and example.

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