Heart Failure Classification Table

The New York Heart Association (NHYA) has classified the symptoms for heart attacks (heart failures). This heart failure classification table is helpful to identify a possible heart failure and to take precautionary medical aid. This heart attack classes chart classifies the heart attack based on the stage, symptoms and the treatment to be provided. Heart attacks or failures are classified as four major categories such as mild (case I), mild (case II), moderate and severe.

Heart Attack Classes Chart

I MildThere are no restrictions of physical activity. Patients generally don’t complain of being overly tired or of experiencing shortness of breath. A patient is still able to control the disease. Regular exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, and eating healthy (with moderate sodium intake), are all actions that can be taken quite easily. High blood pressure will need to be treated. Quitting smoking is crucial.
II Mildpatients will feel slight restrictions with everyday physical actions like bending over or walking. They will be tired and shortness of breath may occur.Non-invasive surgical procedures like ACE-Inhibitors or Beta Blockers (depending on the patient), may be considered.
IIIModeratepatients experience definite limitations during physical activity. They may remain comfortable at rest, but most all physical activity will cause undue fatigue.Under physician care, their diet and exercise may be monitored. Diuretics, to combat water retention, may be prescribed.
IVSeverePatients are virtually unable to do any physical activity without discomfort. There may be significant signs of cardiac problems even while resting. Surgical options will be explored along with the same attention given to treatments in Classes I-III.

The above heart failure classification table is a much-needed table in this modern world where a large number of heart attacks are observed. Even the symptoms of mild attacks as given in this heart attack classes chart should be treated with utmost care.

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