HDL Cholesterol Calculator

HDL is called as high density lipoprotein. When compared to the other types of cholesterol, HDL is denser and hence known as high density lipoprotein. You can find the HDL cholesterol in your body with triglycerides, LDL and total cholesterol. HDL below 40 mg/dl are dangerous and has higher risk of heart disease.

High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol

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HDL = Total Cholesterol - Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol - ( Triglycerides / 5 ) Non HDL = Total Cholesterol - HDL Where, HDL = High Density Lipoprotein

HDL is known as good cholesterol. It is a very good factor for human health. High level of HDL reduces heart disease risk and lower level increases the risk.


Consider the total cholesterol is 100, LDL is 50 and triglycerides is 25, then

HDL = 100 - 50 - ( 25 / 5 )
        = 45

Non HDL = 100 - 45
        = 55
Therefore, the HDL value is 45 mg/dL and non HDL value is 55 mg/dL

Note :This statistics calculator is presented for your own personal use and is to be used as a guide only. Medical and other decisions should NOT be based on the results of this calculator. Although this calculator has been tested, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of its calculations or results.

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