Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk Chart

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel states that any local injury in the skin or underlying tissue commonly over the pressure points is called as the Pressure ulcer. Barden Scale is one of the most preferred tools for estimating the Pressure ulcer. Here is the Braden scale for predicting Pressure Sore risk chart which helps you in the pressure ulcer risk assessment according to the Braden score. Braden Scale pressure ulcer table provides the Braden Scale score interpretation.

Braden Scale Pressure Ulcer Table

Sensory Perception Completely Limited1
Very Limited2
Slightly Limited3
No Impairment4
MoistureConstantly Moist1
Very Moist 2
Occasionally Moist3
Rarely Moist4
Chairfast 2
Walks Occasionally3
Walks Frequently4
Mobility Completely Immobile1
Very Limited 2
Slightly Limited3
No Limitation4
Nutrition Very Poor1
. Probably Inadequate 2
Adequate 3
Friction And ShereProblem1
Potential Problem 2
No Apparent Problem3
Severity Of Total Score
Between 19 to 23No Risk
Between 15 to18Mild Risk
Between 13 to 14Moderate Risk
Between 10 to 12High Risk
Below and At 9Very High Risk
Pressure Ulcer Preventive Interventions

The above Braden scale for predicting Pressure Sore risk chart provides the chart with different score according to the category. On adding the scores in the Braden scale Pressure Ulcer table, the overall score can fall between 6 to 23 and the lower score indicates the higher risk.

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