Aortic Valve Area Calculator

The aortic valve is a semilunar valve of the heart. The area of the aortic valve is used for measuring the severity of the Aortic stenosis (AS). Measurements that are taken during echocardiography is used for the calculation of the aortic valve area. Find the stroke volume (SV), cross sectional (CSA) and aortic valve area by entering the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT), velocity time integral (VTI)

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Aortic Valve Area = LVOT diameter² * 0.78540 * LVOT VTI / Arotic Valve VTI CSA = ( LVOT ) cm2 = 0.785 x LVOT Diameter SV = 0.785 x Diameter2 x VTI ( LVOT ) Where, LVOT = Left Verticular Outflow Tract VTI = Velocity Time Integral CSA = Cross Sectional Area SV = Stroke Volume

If the Aortic valve area is less than 0.8 centimeter square, then the risk for the aortic stenosis disorder is high.


If LVOT is 15, LVOT (VTI) is 4 cm and aortic valve VTI is 2 cm
CSA = 0.785 x 15 = 176.72 cm2
SV = 0.785 * 152 * 4 = 706.86 cc
Aortic Valve Area = 152 * 0.78540 * 4/2 = 353.43 cm2

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