Allowable Blood Loss Calculator

Blood loss can occur internally where leakage of blood occurs inside body and externally by any breaks that occur in skin or through natural opening such as mouth, nose etc., The amount of blood that is lost internally or externally should be within a maximum limit. This is called as the maximum allowable blood loss. Use this calculator to find your maximum allowable blood loss with initial and final Hematocrit.

Maximum ABL Calculation

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EBV = Weight * ABV ABL = [EBV x ( Hi - Hf )] / Hi Where, ABL = Allowable Blood loss ABV = Average Blood Volume EBV = Estimated Blood Volume Hi = Initial Hematocrit Hf = Final Hematocrit

This calculator is useful for surgeons to know the maximum allowable blood loss for patients and also if any hemorrhage occurs.


A men weighing 60 kgs with average blood volume of men 75 ml/kg, initial and final Hematocrit as 40 and 35, can have a maximum of 520 mL of blood loss.

ABL = [(60 * 75) x ( 40 - 35 )] / 40
ABL = 562.5 mL

Note :This statistics calculator is presented for your own personal use and is to be used as a guide only. Medical and other decisions should NOT be based on the results of this calculator. Although this calculator has been tested, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of its calculations or results.

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