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Anion Gap is the difference between the sum of cations and anions found in plasma or serum. It is measured to treat acidosis. (a condition occurring when there is too much of acid in blood). Sometimes the delta gap is also use to treat acidosis. The normal range of anion gap is from 8 and 16 mEq / l (milliequivalents per liter of blood). Sometimes, it can also be expressed as millimoles per liter (mmol / l).

Delta Gap Calculation

Anion Gap
Anion Gap (With K)
Delta Gap
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Anion Gap = Na+ - (Cl- + HCO3-) Anion Gap With K = (Na+ + K+) - (Cl- + HCO3-) Delta Gap = [Na+ - (Cl- + HCO3-)] - 12

Normal Anion Gap

8 - 12 mEq/L or mmol/L

Increased Anion Gap

Greater than 12 milliequivalents / liter. (> 12mEq / L)

Decreased Anion Gap

Less than 8 milliequivalents / liter (< 8mEq/L).

Normal Anion Gap Acidosis

The loss in HCO3 leads to normal anion gap acidosis. To balance the loss, Cl is increased.

Delta Gap

The difference in the calculated anion gap without including the K and normal anion gap (12). It is used for assess the levels of HCO3 and hence known as HCO3 equivalent.

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