Volume of a Conical Cylinder Calculator

Online calculator to find the conical cylinder volume. This can be calculated by adding the volume of cylinder and cone. You will get the conical cylinder when the edge of the cylinder is cut off. The base of the cylinder is large circle and the top portion is smaller circle. The volume of a conical cylinder calculator would help you to find the total capacity that could be occupied inside the conical cylinder. Enter the radius, cylinder height and cone height to find the volume.

Conical Cylinder Volume Calculator

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conical_cylinder           Volume (V) = (π ×r × r × h) + ((1/3) × (π × r × r × c)) Where, r = Radius c = Cone Height h =Cylinder Height


Calculate volume of conical cylinder having a radius of 5 cm,cone having height of 7 cm and cylinder having a height of 8 cm.


V = (3.14 ×5 × 5 × 8) + ((1/3) × (3.14 × 5 × 5 × 7))
= 811.5781 cm3

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