Triangle Side Length Calculator

A polygon with three edges and vertices is called as triangle. Use Triangle Side Length Calculator to calculate the side length of a triangle. It can be calculated based on its area, base length and the angle between the base and one of the sides of triangle using the sine function. There are two ways to find the triangle side length, namely Pythagoras theorem and old sohcahtoa. A triangle has three sides and its length will differ based on the shape of a triangle.

Side Length of a Triangle Calculation

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Triangle Side Length = 2 (A / (b x Sin(x))) Where, A = Area b = Base x = Angle


A triangle has an angle of 40°, base of 7cm and area of 40cm^2. What is its side?

Side Length

= 2 (40 / (7 x sin (40)))
= 17.7797cm

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