Volume of a Rhombohedron Calculator

The rhombohedron is a solid figure which has six equal faces, where all the faces are rhombus. Volume is an amount of space occupied by any substances such as liquids or fluids. It is expressed as 'V'. In rhombohedron, it can be calculated using the parameters such as side length and degree. Use the online volume of a rhombohedron calculator to find the volume. Enter the side length and angle of a rhombohedron as inputs and hit calculate to find the result.

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Volume of a Rhombohedron = (a3 x (1 - cos θ) x (√(1 + (2 x cos θ)) Where, a = Side Length θ = Angle


Calculate the volume of a rombohedron having its side 8cm and angle 69° ?


= (83 x (1 - cos 69°) x (√(1+2 x cos 69°))
= 430.4352
The Rombohedron volume is 430.4352 cm3.

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