Eigenspace Calculator

The characteristic space that is generated by the eigen vector corresponding to the eigen value is termed as the eigenspace. The eigenspace is calculated based on the eigenvalue and eigenvector of a square matrix. An eigenvector, also known as characteristic vector is a vector which does not change its direction during a linear transformation.

Eigenvectors / Eigen Values of 2x2 Matrix

A = λ v v-1
λ =
v =
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The relation between eigenvector (Av) and eigenscalar (λv) could be defined as follows:

A = λ × v × v-1

Where, λ is the eigenvalue, also known as characteristic value, (scalar value) associated with the eigenvector v. Here is the eigenspace calculator which would help in calculating the eigenspace for the given 2x2 square matrix. Enter the values for the square matrix and click calculate to obtain the Eigenvalue, root1 and root2.

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