Matrix Inverse Calculator

2x2 Inverse Matrix Calculator to find the inverse of 2x2 matrix. 2x2 Matrix has two rows and two columns. Matrix Inverse is denoted by A-1. The Inverse matrix is also called as a invertible or nonsingular matrix. It is given by the property, I = A A-1 = A-1 A. Here 'I' refers to the identity matrix. Multiplying a matrix by its inverse is the identity matrix. Enter the numbers in this online 2x2 Matrix Inverse Calculator to find the inverse of the square matrix.

2x2 Inverse Matrix Calculator

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Inverse of a matrix is calculated with many combinations of matrices but this Matrix Inverse Calculator shows you the matrices with simple 2x2 Inverse matrix (i.e) 4 numbers.


Find the inverse of a 2x2 matrix



A-1 =(1/|A|) × adj(A)

A-1 =( 1 / (15 x 2 - 20 x 7))


= (1 / -110)


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