What is wet bulb temperature - Definition and Meaning

Wet Bulb Temperature :

Wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that might be extended at by evaporating water into the air.

Formula :

Ewg = 6.112 x e(17.67xTw)/(Tw+243.5) eg = Ewg - Psta x (T - Tw) x 0.00066 x (1 + (0.00115 x Tw)) Tw = ΣN ∀ Ed ≠ 0 Ed = e - eg Where, Tw = Wet Bulb Temperature T = Temperature Psta = Actual station pressure e = Vapor Pressure Ed = Vapor Pressure Difference N = Increment by 10 and consecutive Ed is opposite sign, increment divide by 10. Its upto reach. Ed is zero or absolute value of Ed is greater than 0.05

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