What is vertical angles - Definition and Meaning

Vertical Angles :

Vertical Angles are the congruent angles that are opposite to each other which is formed by the intersection of two lines.

Formula :

A° = C° B° = D°

Example :

In a parallelogram, if the angle a is given as 40 degree, then find the other three angles. Given, Angle A = 40 deg To Find, Vertical Angle B, C, D Solution: Step 1: Angle A = Angle C Angle A is given as 40 degree So, angle C = 40 Step 2: Angle A = 40 Now, let us find the value of angle B B = 180 - A = 180 - 40 B = 140 Step 3: Finally, let us calculate the value of angle D. Angle B = Angle D B = 140 Therefore, D = 140

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