What is rectangular pyramid - Definition and Meaning

Rectangular Pyramid :

In Geometry mathematics, a pyramid is a solid figure which has polygonal base and triangular faces. Each pyramid is described by the shape of its base. A pyramid with rectangular base is called as rectangular pyramid. A rectangular pyramid is a 3D figure. A rectangular pyramid has five faces with 1 rectangle base and 4 triangle faces. It has 5 vertices and 8 edges.

Formula :

Volume of Rectangular Pyramid: V = 1/3abh cubic units where, V is the volume of the pyramid. Surface Area of Rectangular Pyramid: SA = lb + l s1 + b s2 where, 'l' is length, 'b' is width. s1 is the slant length of the triangles with base 'l'. s2 is the slant length of the triangles with base 'b'. 'a' and 'b' be the sides of the rectangular base. h is the height, distance from the base to the apex.
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