What is geometric distribution - Definition and Meaning

Geometric Distribution :

The geometric distribution is a negative binomial distribution, which is used to find out the number of failures that occurs before single success, where the number of successes (r) is equal to 1.

Formula :

P(x) = qxp. Where, p = probability of success for a single trial . q = probability of failure for a single trial ( = 1-p ) x = the number of failures before a success.

Example :

A boy rolling a die. Calculate the probability of getting a 3 on the 6th roll. Here , p= 1/6 = 0.166. q= 1-1/6 = 0.834. x= 6-1 = 5 Therefore, P(5)=0.8344 * 0.166. P(5)= 0.066914.
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