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Transcendental Numbers
Transcendental numbers

Transcendental number is possibly a complex number, which is not an Algebraic number. It means not a root of polynomial equation with Rational coeffic...

09999 equals to 1
Do you know 0.9999 = 1?

Repeating and infinite string of decimal digit 0.999... is the real number as its proved to equals the integer 1 Geometric proof for this formula 0....

e irrational number
E - irrational number

e is a irrational number which cannot be expressed as the quotient of two numbers. e is a special number in mathematics like 0, 1, pi and i. The value...

Numbers 1 to 10
Fascinating Multiplications

Is there any multiplication set that have all the positive integers from 1 to 9? Of course yes, there are multiplication sets that uses all the digit...

missing number
Finding out the missing digits

Here is an interesting trick to find the missing number. Follow the steps below to learn this simple trick. Step 1: Let your friend to write down 4 t...

Math Madness
Math madness 0 by 0 equals to 1 by 2

If this is proved to be correct, everything we have learned in our life so far in Mathematics will go wrong. Still we can prove it. 0/0 = 1/2 Here ...

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