Random Math Facts

Archimedes Screw
Archimedes screw

Archimedes screw was a simple mechanical device invented by Archimedes in the 3rd century B.C(282-21...

Spherical Geometry
Spherical geometry

The study of the figure on the two dimensional surface of the sphere is called as Spherical Geometry...

Time Dilation
Time dilation: your twin sibling will get more youthful than you

Your twin sibling will get more youthful than you when he returns from the space travel. If your twi...

Magic number 1089
Magic number 1089

1089 is an integer (whole number) before 1090 and after 1088. It is a square number (33 squared), a ...

Repunit Fun
Repunit fun

Repunit function was first coined by Albert H Beiler in the book, Recreations in the Theory of Numbe...

Pyramids and PI
Pyramids and pi

The Great Pyramid at Giza, constructed c. 2589–2566 BC, was built with a perimeter of about 1760 c...

missing number
Finding out the missing digits

Here is an interesting trick to find the missing number. Follow the steps below to learn this simple...

Math Pi
Math pi

Pi has been known for more than 4000 years and it was discovered by ancient Babylonians. The symbol ...

Transcendental Numbers
Transcendental numbers

Transcendental number is possibly a complex number, which is not an Algebraic number. It means not a...

Golden Ratio
Golden ratio

Golden ratio is 1.61803399. It is also called as Golden mean, Golden section, Golden proportion, Div...

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