Random Math Facts

Powers of Phi
Powers of phi

Phi is the Greek letter which represent the golden number 1.618. Phi is the only number whose square...

natural numbers
Natural numbers as product of primes

Prime factorization is also known as unique-prime-factorization theorem. It states that any natural ...

Math Madness
Math madness 0 by 0 equals to 1 by 2

If this is proved to be correct, everything we have learned in our life so far in Mathematics will g...

compass and ruler
Geometric construction using compass and ruler alone

Practically its possible to construct length, angles and all the basic geometric shapes using compas...

Approximations Of Pi
Approximations of pi

Some approximations of Pi are listed as follows, Fractions: 22/7, 333/106, 355/113, 52163/166...

Four color theorem
Four color theorem

Four color theorem was introduced by Francis Guthrie when he tried coloring the map of England. Late...

Definition of Mathematics
Definition of mathematics math

Aristotle (384-322 BCE) was the earliest to define mathematics. Aristotle defines Math as "The scien...

Greatest equation ever
Most famous formula in all mathematics (greatest equation ever)

e i.π + 1 = 0 This Euler's identity is known to the be 'most famous formula in all mathematics' and...


The word Heliocentrism was derived from the Greek word 'helios' that means Sun. Heliocentrism is a c...

Goldbachs conjecture
Goldbachs conjecture

Goldbach conjecturte is one of the best known unsolved mathematical problem in number theory. Moder...

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