Random Math Facts

square root x
Shortcut to find the square root

This trick will help you to find the square roots using shortcut. Learn the shortcut with the simpli...

Magic number 3
Magic number 3

Here is an interesting trick that lies on the power of number Three. Follow the steps below to learn...

Ramanujan Number 1729
Ramanujan hardy number 1729

Srinivasa Ramanujan was the renowned Indian Mathematician. Though he didn't had formal education in ...

Magic Squares
Magic squares

Magic numbers was first recorded by Chinese in 2200BC and known to Arab mathematicians, when they co...

Hunt for digits of : billionth trillion quadrillionth largest digit of pi

The quadrillionth (10^15) digit of PI has been identified as 0. The history of finding the nth digit...

Geometric sequence
Geometric sequence

Geometric sequence played an important role in the development of calculus. It is used throughout th...

Zero Factorial
Zero factorial

0! = ? if, 3! = 3x2x1 = 6 2! = 2x1 =2 1! = 1 0! = still 1 Stunning right! Here are some explan...

Zero Facts
Zero facts

The concept of zero as a number was practically used in India in 9th century AD. Indian scholar Ping...

Why manhole shapes are round

They are numerous valuable reasons why manhole / pothole shapes are always in round shape. They are ...

Earliest known usage of pi

The earliest approximate value of π was first found in Egypt and Babylon, both covered within 1% of...

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