Random Math Facts

Independence problems
Independence problems

Independence problems are part of mathematical chess problems. Given a certain chess pieces such as ...

Repunit Fun
Repunit fun

Repunit function was first coined by Albert H Beiler in the book, Recreations in the Theory of Numbe...

Magic number 3
Magic number 3

Here is an interesting trick that lies on the power of number Three. Follow the steps below to learn...

Monty hall problem
Monty hall problem

Monty hall problem was named after the American game show Lets make a deal hosted by Monty hall. Its...

Leap frog addition
Leap frog addition

This mathematical trick follows the property of Fibonacci series. You can play this simple trick wit...

Ants on the Stick
Ants on the stick

Ants on the stick is a phrase that involves the tricky math fact behind it. Consider Hundred ants ar...

Banach Tarski Paradox
Banach tarski paradox

Banach-Tarski Paradox is a mathematical theorem used in set theoretic geometry. This theorem was st...

Four Lucky Numbers
Four lucky numbers

There are only four(4) numbers next to 1 that have this very special feature. The Number equals t...

Earliest known usage of pi

The earliest approximate value of π was first found in Egypt and Babylon, both covered within 1% of...

square root x
Shortcut to find the square root

This trick will help you to find the square roots using shortcut. Learn the shortcut with the simpli...

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