Random Math Facts

natural numbers
Natural numbers as product of primes

Prime factorization is also known as unique-prime-factorization theorem. It states that any natural ...

Magic Squares
Magic squares

Magic numbers was first recorded by Chinese in 2200BC and known to Arab mathematicians, when they co...

Yang Mills Existence And Mass Gap
Yang mills existence and mass gap

In mathematical physics, the Yang Mills existence and mass gap problem is one of the seven Millenniu...

Earliest known usage of pi

The earliest approximate value of π was first found in Egypt and Babylon, both covered within 1% of...

Devil Staircase
Devil staircase

Devil staircase is also referred as Cantor function. It is named after Georg Cantor. It is a classic...

Largest area by shape
Largest area by shape

Circle always possess the largest area for the given perimeter of any two dimensional shape. Lets c...

Zero Factorial
Zero factorial

0! = ? if, 3! = 3x2x1 = 6 2! = 2x1 =2 1! = 1 0! = still 1 Stunning right! Here are some explan...

Jakob Bernoulli
Jacob bernoulli

Jacob Bernoulli was a prominent Mathematician from the Bernoulli Family. He gave numerous contributi...

The Magic of Number Nine
The magic of number nine

Nine is an interesting natural number following 8 and preceding 10. Multiply any natural number wit...

The birth of sine (trignometry)

The birth of sine is credited to the great Indian mathematician - astronomer Aryabhata. He made a gr...

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