Random Math Facts

Collatz Conjecture Tree
Collatz conjecture

Hailstone number is one of the unsolved mathematical problem. It was introduced by a German Mathemat...

Powers of Phi
Powers of phi

Phi is the Greek letter which represent the golden number 1.618. Phi is the only number whose square...

multiply trick
Multiplication Shortcut for 2 Digit Numbers

This trick can be applied when - First digit of both the numbers (multiplicand and multiplier) are...

Ants on the Stick
Ants on the stick

Ants on the stick is a phrase that involves the tricky math fact behind it. Consider Hundred ants ar...

Maximum possible chess moves is 10921506 possible position after 7 moves

The number of possibility chess moves after the white move's is 20 (ie 4 knight moves and 16 moves o...

Devil Staircase
Devil staircase

Devil staircase is also referred as Cantor function. It is named after Georg Cantor. It is a classic...

Four color theorem
Four color theorem

Four color theorem was introduced by Francis Guthrie when he tried coloring the map of England. Late...

Jakob Bernoulli
Jacob bernoulli

Jacob Bernoulli was a prominent Mathematician from the Bernoulli Family. He gave numerous contributi...

e irrational number
E - irrational number

e is a irrational number which cannot be expressed as the quotient of two numbers. e is a special nu...

Carl Friedrich Gauss
Carl friedrich gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss is a German Mathematician born on April 30, 1777. He was praised as 'Prince of ...

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