Random Math Facts

7 x 11 x 13 Multiplication Trick
7 x 11 x 13 Multiplication Trick

Here is an interesting trick that you can do it much faster than the calculator. You can perform thi...

A Beautiful Mind
John nash - a beautiful mind

A Beautiful Mind is the movie based on the life of john nash, who is said to be Nobel Laureate in e...

Math Pi
Math pi

Pi has been known for more than 4000 years and it was discovered by ancient Babylonians. The symbol ...

William Vallance Douglas Hodge
The hodge conjecture by william vallance douglas hodge

It is a major problem that is not solved in algebraic geometry which relates to the algebraic topolo...

beauty of mathematics
Beauty of mathematics

Beauty of Mathematics Multiplying the number with 8 and adding the numbers one by one in order resu...

Powers of Phi
Powers of phi

Phi is the Greek letter which represent the golden number 1.618. Phi is the only number whose square...

Hunt for digits of : billionth trillion quadrillionth largest digit of pi

The quadrillionth (10^15) digit of PI has been identified as 0. The history of finding the nth digit...

Zero Factorial
Zero factorial

0! = ? if, 3! = 3x2x1 = 6 2! = 2x1 =2 1! = 1 0! = still 1 Stunning right! Here are some explan...

Zero Facts
Zero facts

The concept of zero as a number was practically used in India in 9th century AD. Indian scholar Ping...

Fermat little theorem
Fermat little theorem

Fermat's little theorem was coined by Pierre de Fermat in 1640. Fermat little theorem states that I...

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